221 Holiday Diversity

The Christmas story, the story of bringing the Christ presence to every heart, is a basic theme of many cultural stories.

Mom shared the memory of one Christmas Eve.  She was very young.  In the house with her mom and dad on Christmas Eve, she heard bells on the rooftop.  Santa had arrived!  They dashed outside to see, and there stood a brand new, Radio Flyer sled.  I picture the little green house, covered in snow, a perfect wonderland scene.  The black haired, dark lipped child, sparkling with joy.  

She pondered who had been outside with the bells.  Mom entirely believed that they rang from the rooftop.  No one from the family cleared the question, even as she surpassed the age of 60.  Christmas magic.

1935 Mickey Radio Flyer sled

When I was young, Christmas was the winter holiday.  In school, especially high school, some societal recognition emerged.  We started to hear about Hanukkah, incorrectly portrayed, but at least recognized. 

And in my last three decades on the planet, everything has expanded.  My viewpoint and my exposure and the people I know have increased.  I know people who live in Africa and Germany.  I know people who have lived in countless countries, and many with ethnic origins on other continents.  

And significant to the holidays, Christmas is not the only one!  The Christmas story, the story of bringing the Christ presence to every heart, is a basic theme of many cultural stories.  The hero or heroine shifts, but the light comes to the people.  It is magical and beautiful, the enlightenment of the individual joining in Unity with its Source.

How the Raven Stole the Sun – A Digital Story

Some Indigenous people tell the story of the Raven.  The virgin births are echoed in Buddha, Krishna, Laozi, gods in mythology, and Jesus.  There is a reason.  One spirituality cannot meet the awareness of billions on the planet.  But one Truth can.

We just celebrated the Solstice, and every picture of the configuration of planets that I saw echoed the pictures of the star that shone over the Christ child.  And the astrologers say that this night sky echoes the sky of two thousand years ago.  

Many people I know celebrate the scientific Solstice, the shift from dark to light, as their “Christmas”.

If we all start by realizing the Unity, that we as humans on the planet are more alike than different, we will move ourselves into the new age without pain. 

The entire planet is witnessing the rebirth, the virgin birth, the multi cultural reality that we are shifting.  Individually, collectively, we are called to the light, to the Christ within, to the Whole of all that is. Let’s go!

Author: Michele Plumb Stowell

Michele Stowell was a teacher, a hand holder, and encouraging voice. Born an early Gen Xer, she has lived in Western Washington for the duration. Her children, two spectacular genetic daughters and an uncountable number of marvelous scout and school sons and daughters, shine as her biggest impact and her greatest blessing. Just before her 54th birthday, Michele was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Her writing and art work are expressions of the drama and the joy of living earth bound. On October 24, 2021, Michele was released from her physical body, transported to continue her work on other realms.

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