247 We All Have A Choice

Are we functioning at the level of Human Animal or Human Spirit? Although that may not be a choice, noticing is.

Repeated everywhere I turn, we all have a choice.

When I was searching for the exact words of Brene Brown’s daughter in the Netflix special (that I did not find, and was too lazy to leap through the audio to pull it out), I did find this.

“When we make the choice to dare greatly, we sign up to get our asses kicked. We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time.”

In Alison Armstrong’s course on Dominant Drivers, she reiterates a concept that runs through all of her material. Are we functioning at the level of Human Animal or Human Spirit? Although that may not be a choice, noticing is. And when we discover our Dominant Driver, or pinpoint a driver that is controlling a response in the moment, we do have a choice. Once we are aware, the possibilities open. We are capable of shifting.

Amber Kuileimailani Bonici has been sending emails on choice all week, all year. Saying yes, or choosing the “holy no.” Taking on energy, transmuting energy, or choosing to be in personal energy. Taking action or giving action.

We might feel caught or like the loop never ends, but we do have choice. It might be easiest to see in the smallest of moments. A sip of water or no sip of water. When I think of that choice, it is so obvious that there is no right or wrong in this moment. Either one will do. It is the string of moments that seem to have a greater impact. I chose to sip the water. It is important to my body over the long run. But it was merely a choice in the moment. I can pick up a new choice and move forward on that stream at any point.

My action choices are currently mostly in use of “free time”, or directing the required actions into choices (are they required?). I am not an expert. I need to require myself to do art journaling or set up time to finish my Peace Shield. It does not come naturally.

I need to rethink how I write and think this through. I choose to drink water. I choose to write and express. I choose to put an hour into the creation of the shield. I choose to spend time outside today, walking or gardening. I choose to elevate my consciousness. That’s a lot.

person walking on sand
A choice to walk outside Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Maybe just one small thing in this moment. Or two. I choose to write. I choose to sip the water. Success! Celebrating success.

Author: Michele Plumb Stowell

Michele Stowell was a teacher, a hand holder, and encouraging voice. Born an early Gen Xer, she has lived in Western Washington for the duration. Her children, two spectacular genetic daughters and an uncountable number of marvelous scout and school sons and daughters, shine as her biggest impact and her greatest blessing. Just before her 54th birthday, Michele was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Her writing and art work are expressions of the drama and the joy of living earth bound. On October 24, 2021, Michele was released from her physical body, transported to continue her work on other realms.

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