164. Situational Interpretations

I am choosing the way I interpret the signs. Or, maybe I am just watching. The body is separate from the mind. The mind is separate from the watching. My perception checks the angles. I don’t want to control the path. I just want to see and experience the journey. The body is not at war with the cancer. It is cooperating with the chemotherapy.

I woke up several times.  It seems like a pattern in the first half of a chemo cycle.  When I am asleep, and then not, I perceive more directly.  I feel the bubbling, tingling sensation running through my abdomen, a tightness in my lower back and intestines, that neuropathy is oddly down the center segments of my fingers rather than at the ends. 

Cycle 4, Day 5.  I am choosing the way I interpret the signs.  Or, maybe I am just watching.  The body is separate from the mind.  The mind is separate from the watching.  My perception checks the angles.  I don’t want to control the path.  I just want to see and experience the journey.  The body is not at war with the cancer.  It is cooperating with the chemotherapy.

In the last dream of the night, there was a baby opossum nested in the hair behind my neck.  I was busy, and figured I would deal with that later.  I was talking to someone about hair dye, and walked out the back door into the dark to grab the bleaching kit, then turned to see that the door locked.  Someone zipped by on a bicycle, and I felt tension, a threat, but it was gone as quickly as the bike moved.  I fumbled with a key, and opened the outer door into a glass sided mudroom.  The space was closing in, Wonderland style, but I moved through it, into the house.

A woman opening a door with a key.
“I fumbled with a key, and opened the outer door”

I figure the Eternal knows where to lead us for dream interpretation.  I have a book that makes me laugh as often as it actually helps. The quick bottom line:  I feel threatened by something that I am going through, but it passes quickly.  I am moving through a tight spot, but not stuck there.  I have the key.  There is something (something?) that is a deception, but will clear, and shift color.  

Well, for that last line, I wasn’t going to bleach the possum, but that seems related none the less.

I am choosing my interpretations.  It does seem strange, like a side line to manifestation without the directive nature of control.  The mind is not fond of it.  But the noticing seems more “in tune”… like there is less pressure and more merging with the Whole.  Like opening the eyes, then opening them again.

22. Let Them Truckers Roll

It’s a ’70 reference.  You probably were ‘yet to be born’.

I can remember a snippet of today’s dream.  Never before have I been two people and a watcher.  The watcher is the one that doesn’t have a body, that is just awareness.  It’s like being engrossed in the big screen, observing the events.  There is someone observing.  But we don’t put much thought into that form of self.  It’s always there.  Or, maybe, better said, it is always what we truly are.

Back in the dream, I was talking to someone, explaining something.  I appeared human, female, probably the me I know right now.

Michele-Plumb-Stowell-Let Them Trucks RollAnd I was looking at another form of me, a guy sitting in the driver’s seat of a still yet rumbling semi truck. I could see his/my left ear, and the buzz cut hair of the back left of his head, the semi’s rear view mirror, all far up from my vantage point on the ground.

The man had ribbon loops that mimicked children’s tree ornaments hung over that ear.  They dangled paper cut outs, art work, “earrings” his grandchildren hung, my grandchildren hung.

We’ve all laughed about dream interpretation.  A book on my shelf is notorious for presenting opposing views.  “X means that you should embrace change and move forward.  Alternatively, it may target you to be cautious and contemplate rather than take action at this time.”  I totally made that up, but it is accurate beyond laughter.

I looked up semi trucks on the internet.  That is even dicier than the book, because random folks write all kinds of nonsense and call it prophetic.  This is the one I choose for today, that feels accurate enough:  “You have size, largeness, and power and at the same time you will be burdened by your responsibility.”  (dream-meaning.net) No brainer.

And the earrings?  Because they are earrings, they speak of wealth, prosperity, and ancestry.  I love this, because the crafty grandkids spin this with longevity, adding the progeny element.  

Look to your layers.  Remember your watcher.  Focus on God in three persons.  It will all make sense some day.