214 Being versus Doing

I woke at four, no surprise.  The early morning is often referred to as “God’s hour”, the moments that are easiest to connect to the Eternal.  Kwami often chants “Don’t go back to sleep.”  The words have double meaning, but for obvious reasons, I usually don’t. I’ve watched the sun rise every day for a few weeks, hours after starting my day (well, sunrise IS at 7:50).

“Don’t go back to sleep” are words from Rumi’s poem quoted by Wayne Dyer on his Facebook page.

Art work with Rumi's poem "Don't go back to sleep."
“Don’t go back to sleep” art by Molly Strong

Today, I was sitting still, praying, meditating… looking at connection and Divinity, the Divine in the individual, and then God as itself, as all that is.

Enlightenment came to mind.  For me, the definition of Enlightenment is the Realization of God, simple, yet exceptionally complex from the outlook of the mind.  

Saints express enlightenment.  Regular people experience it.  The astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, had it happen instantly in space (https://www.actualized.org/insights/astronaut-enlightenment).  Mom described having the experience in a very illusive way in a draft of a letter.  That is a conversation we never had, and I just want to scream for having missed it.   

It has different names in different religions, and could be said to be the goal of every spiritual practice (although church doctrine has been presented in a way that was meant to keep the general congregation from that knowledge in most American faiths, a political power move).

Although seeking It is twisted, because we inherently are enlightenment, or are One with All that Is, I’ve spent uncountable hours in books and texts from equally uncountable religious and spiritual perspectives. I spent a decade in deep pursuit.  There is something comical about chasing your Truth, like a dog chasing it’s tail as if the tail isn’t the dog.

In my morning prayer, I saw the beauty of the individual, the perfection.  When I backed up in my vision, I watched the individuality merge into the Source.  I sat with that Oneness, observed it for a while.  I listened for what I am to “do” today.

Christmas is the American season of doing.

There was a sense of deep laughter, Divine laughter, the laughter of irony.  There is nothing to be done in the Divine sense.  I can sit still and watch the waves.  I can breathe the breaths and feel my lungs and my heart, acting but not doing.  I can crawl  under the blankets and sleep, sleep, sleep, cuddled in the arms of the Eternal.  These are perfect ways to connect and “be”.  They are not “doing” anything. Some people experience enlightenment in an instant.  It passes through.  The message is forever ingrained.  For others, it lasts months, and they look out through eyes that see the Divine perfection in all that is for all of that time.  

A sacred few were born in the paradigm, and live there for the entire lifetime, spreading the wisdom, seeding others for the experience of realization.  As the story is presented, Jesus could have been a “whole life person”.  The New Testament of the Bible presents it as though he spent that last three years of his life in Samadhi.  Biblical scholars debate.  I chuckle a little bit about Christianity, because, as Jesus said, “You will do even greater things…” (John 14:12), and so many are stuck worshiping an individual (who was no longer individual) rather than moving into their own Divine path, their own “greater things”.  Point fully misunderstood.  

For most people, the experience of realization is too much to hold in the human.  Like Tiffany said, in Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men, “We sleepwalk through our lives, because how could we live if we were always this awake?”  And Rumi whispers, “Don’t go back to sleep.”

215 Divine Secrets

People do not walk around declaring their enlightened knowledge, sharing their inner most spiritual truths.

One of the apparent qualities of a person who has experienced realization/ samadhi/enlightenment, whatever name you choose for the connected state, is that they keep it as a secret.  There is no reason to tell anyone.  And in the telling, there is a certain loss of the magic, of the Divinity. 

His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressing the online audience from his residence in Dharamsala, HP, India on December 15, 2020 during his conversation on The Purpose of Life as part of Techfest IIT Bombay
His Holiness the Dalai Lama addressing the online audience from his residence in Dharamsala, HP, India on December 15, 2020 during his conversation on The Purpose of Life as part of Techfest IIT Bombay.

Some people are called to bring the journey to the forefront and use it to teach.  Those may be people you could name.  I venture to bet that the Dalai Lama was either born into enlightenment, or has experienced it along the path, an example.  Google says that if you are a Lama, you are a reincarnated enlightened being.  So inherently, he is a life timer.

If you haven’t read or watched documentaries on how the Lamas are sought after their death, in the body of a child born in chronological proximity, it is flabbergasting, well worth the time. The memories that the children hold are terribly convincing!

People do not walk around declaring their enlightened knowledge, sharing their inner most spiritual truths.  Or rather, it is rare.  If someone speaks arrogantly about the experience, antenna’s up.  

The Girl Scouts used finger motions when there were people around them that caused suspicion and caution.  Certain political figures should currently be causing you to feel this way, as an example… something is amiss.  And spiritually, it happens. Looking at an article on Jim Jones, I can literally feel pulsations run through the core of my body, so much more than “antennas up”.  Don’t drink the Kool Aid!

Maybe we should all be very aware that anyone that is human, is human.  An ego hides in every body.  Take the gifts of teachings, find the connection, appreciate the guru, the pastor, the priest, but keep some spiritual antennas functioning.  

Your spirituality is Divine.  The secret pulses through your veins.  It is always there, has always been there, and has no where to go.  But, even as “your eyes open, and open again” (can’t resist more Terry Pratchett), keep your mouth shut.   

15. Insights

A couple of months ago, I accepted death.  And then, I have been told to accept life.  Both.  Here and now.  I’m gonna die, eventually, some day.  It might be a surprise a couple of weeks from now.  It might be a miraculous decade or more away.  But it will be right, on God’s terms, on Universal principle… not in my time, not my decision.  And I will always be one with the earth, one with you, Divinely available forever.

This week, a vision keeps popping up.  I am inside of a mountain, looking out.  There have been a lot of earthy pictures in my head. 

But spiritually, I have loved deserting this world for higher planes.  Friends used to say that “I need to ground”.  What that means is that it isn’t good to fully leave this world for the God realm (like where meditation can take a person, becoming an addiction to God focus) without bringing it back into this one.  Over a decade ago, it was difficult for me to pick the human world over the space of realization.  I preferred to be in that fuzzy, soft, unconditional love space that I had found within myself.

There was kick back!  My feet slammed to the earth with a divorce and all that came with it.  My balance was forced, and then tipped back to earth based reality.  But you can’t really remove awareness and realization.  What has been seen cannot be unseen.  I would say that it can feel like God deserted you, or that you are starting back at the beginning on that seeking quest.

The cancer has been a gift, like it took the earth base away, and opened my eyes.  And this week has brought the rock, the inside of the mountain, me looking out of the mountain, an integral part of the earth itself.  Balance.  


13. What’s Love Got to Do With It

People use the word “enlightenment”.  An enlightened person is still a human! 

(Tina Turner has some mantras if you want to look into her evolved music, to round out the pop.)

Disconnecting from Source/God can be horribly cruel and abrupt.  When one realizes that all needs are not constantly met on the planet, there can be an instant rift.  Or it can happen over time.  Abuse could rush it along.  A super busy or exhausted parent might not be able to meet needs of the infant in an instant.  It’s no one’s fault.  But the kid is going to drop in to humanity regardless of our best efforts.

And when full separation comes, the memory of what was travels in the mind as a form of “seeking”.  Usually we look to human interactions first.  Hopefully, we find a fraction of unconditional love from family members in childhood.  This is easiest to spot in grandparents, because they tend to be present and focused on the child as “perfect”.  Parents, both sadly and thankfully, can’t hold that “unconditional” nature 24 hours a day.  Many can’t present it for one minute a day.

As we grow, it appears that we start to seek by pleasing, by getting acceptance and praise for behaviors.  We lose the awareness of our “universal perfection” and create ego.  And then the song title becomes pertinent.  “What’s love got to do with it?”  

When we look at best friends, future spouses, spiritual leaders, we can catch a glimpse of our true selves for a moment or for long periods of time.  The reflection that catches us, energizes us, addicts us to another person is not the person!  It is our personal awareness seeing the Truth through the other.  It is not maintainable.  The other human is, well… human!

Helaine talks about Mom a lot, about how she received such undeniable, unconditional love through Mom’s words and compassion.  I feel very blessed to have that awareness from my parents as well!  Mom was an excellent conduit of unconditional love to abundant numbers of people.  And she was human, with human frailties.

Kwami and I watched a video on Krishna Dass.  I was only aware of this man through words spoken by Ram Dass, or written by him, positive ones.  The movie followed a Krishna Dass devotee through a human experience with a person he was seeing as his guru.  Krishna Dass has pronounced “frailties”.  I can easily judge the biggest one, that he is an old guy who sleeps with young women, using his gift of “unconditional love from Source” as the carrot that draws them.  I definitely judge that.  Ram Dass said a few words in the movie that were also not appreciative of the behaviors.

But human experiences bring people closer to what they are seeking, and often the experiences are hell.  The devotee struggled through the movie, because he had been using the reflection of God that is so easily passed by a guru (or priest, or fiance), to be in love with himself, with the Source within himself.  But that is still using human interaction.  

Eventually the evolved person will be able to turn inward and see their own connection or even universal part of the God being.  People use the word “enlightenment”.  An enlightened person is still a human!  As we look at Krishna Dass, even his human moments are teaching others and leading them to separate from him and find the connection inside. 

I would rather look at Mother Therese, Amma the hugging saint, or other enlightened beings that show a lot less human qualities. Some people are just merged with the Eternal and less connected to human form.  Some even come in that way, from birth, and never leave their awareness state.  

We all have roles to play, and every role is perfect.  So even though I have human judgment for the Krishna Dass game plan, I also see that he is bringing every person he interacts with closer to knowing the true Self.  He uses heaven and hell to get people there.  And his abhorrent human behaviors are exactly what some people need to push them over the edge.  Ironic.