74. Medication

My body knows how to heal. The pain medication can be a friend, and then become a foe. It’s important that I watch for the moment. Then thank it, and let it go.

Today I started scatter scheduling my Tylenol.  I really do need to figure out what “control your pain” means, but then again, I don’t plan to continue playing the pain game.  If possible.  If divinely allowed.

I can take a narcotic.  I just don’t.  I haven’t seen a narcotic pill do anything for me.  It doesn’t mean there is not some mental or physical reaction.  I haven’t taken enough of them in my home life to even know.  Three pills, four pills, altogether, something like that.  And no noticeable change with those.  But there is no science in four pills.

I have been maxing out the Tylenol.  This morning, I went to one 650 mg, from two.  It’s not that I am intentionally dropping down from 1300 mg every eight hours, but that I am going to start an overlap.  When I did the last four hours with only half, I can take the second pill now.  It will span eight hours.  If pain rises, I can always take the second, but the intention is go four hours or more, and keep that cycle.  

It takes away the rise and fall of relief.  And if it is like last time, it also is the beginning of the end of medication.  The second pills spreads the time, meaning I will often be taking it only an hour from being uncovered.  And then I will bring the dosage down.  And finally, I will let it go.  When it’s time.  No rush.  No guilt.  

My body knows how to heal.  The pain medication can be a friend, and then become a foe.  It’s important that I watch for the moment.  Then thank it, and let it go.