78-79 Tuning In To The Body

78. Do Not Diet

In my first of what looks like many post surgery visits, the nurse said something that might have made me fall off of the medical table.  “Do not diet.” 


Are there really people in our cultural insanity that would come through major surgery, be working with normalizing a new colon situation, and then top it off with “I think I will avoid eating”?  That IS the context of the word to which she alluded.

“It is like you are running an endless marathon.  Eat a lot of protein.  Your body needs food to repair itself.”  

steak food

It is like you are running an endless marathon.  Eat a lot of protein.

Protein, a big theme.  If you do “keto for cancer”, the focus is on protein and fat, and massive carbohydrate reduction.  Back burner.

Focus on eating.  Enough calories.  Enough protein.  Enough that my cells have the energy and building blocks for the work to be done.

79. Set Point, Match

My body has chosen some strange set points, when it comes to weight.  I don’t play tennis, but I think that when some form of consciousness chooses, the body comes to meet it.

And really, I feel very lucky to have given up meeting cultural expectations for weight very long ago.  I went through a six month process with a woo woo naturopathic nutritionist last year.  The goal was to feel better, to correct whatever was off kilter.  She talked to my body a lot.  At one point she said, “Your body is very happy at its current weight.”

crop kid weighing on scale

“Your body is very happy at its current weight.”

I laughed out loud!  “Ya think?”  

I’ve always been healthy, always had the lowest of blood pressure, and I am usually on the go, exceeding the exercise equivalents of the ones that surround me.  (Until now.  I hear ya.)

Be careful with expectations.  You are perfect.  Every special scar, every wart, all of the happy fat cells.  Perfect.  

And listen.  Listen for the balance.  Listen for the guidance.  There is a part of each of us that can go beyond culture, appearances, and judgment, and lead us down the road of unfolding.  Do that.  Marathons on the track or with the popcorn bowl.  Tune in and listen.