26. Mother’s Day Approaching

Mother's Day Card
Happy Mother’s Day

Each person can wear the word mother.  People mother their pets, their plants, their friends, their cars, their kids, their creations… When I use a magnifying glass, each person is a miraculous example of the beauty and grace of mothering.  I just need to look for the right element of focus.  Where are you a terrific mother?

I hear and see Mom.  Classic perfection. Wearing the title “Mother” as passion, occupation, light and love.

 Soft, gentle eyes. She whispers on the wind, “Mother yourself”.  Care for yourself.  Love yourself.  Feed yourself.  Treat yourself like the precious child, the creation of Eternal beauty, that you are.

13. What’s Love Got to Do With It

People use the word “enlightenment”.  An enlightened person is still a human! 

(Tina Turner has some mantras if you want to look into her evolved music, to round out the pop.)

Disconnecting from Source/God can be horribly cruel and abrupt.  When one realizes that all needs are not constantly met on the planet, there can be an instant rift.  Or it can happen over time.  Abuse could rush it along.  A super busy or exhausted parent might not be able to meet needs of the infant in an instant.  It’s no one’s fault.  But the kid is going to drop in to humanity regardless of our best efforts.

And when full separation comes, the memory of what was travels in the mind as a form of “seeking”.  Usually we look to human interactions first.  Hopefully, we find a fraction of unconditional love from family members in childhood.  This is easiest to spot in grandparents, because they tend to be present and focused on the child as “perfect”.  Parents, both sadly and thankfully, can’t hold that “unconditional” nature 24 hours a day.  Many can’t present it for one minute a day.

As we grow, it appears that we start to seek by pleasing, by getting acceptance and praise for behaviors.  We lose the awareness of our “universal perfection” and create ego.  And then the song title becomes pertinent.  “What’s love got to do with it?”  

When we look at best friends, future spouses, spiritual leaders, we can catch a glimpse of our true selves for a moment or for long periods of time.  The reflection that catches us, energizes us, addicts us to another person is not the person!  It is our personal awareness seeing the Truth through the other.  It is not maintainable.  The other human is, well… human!

Helaine talks about Mom a lot, about how she received such undeniable, unconditional love through Mom’s words and compassion.  I feel very blessed to have that awareness from my parents as well!  Mom was an excellent conduit of unconditional love to abundant numbers of people.  And she was human, with human frailties.

Kwami and I watched a video on Krishna Dass.  I was only aware of this man through words spoken by Ram Dass, or written by him, positive ones.  The movie followed a Krishna Dass devotee through a human experience with a person he was seeing as his guru.  Krishna Dass has pronounced “frailties”.  I can easily judge the biggest one, that he is an old guy who sleeps with young women, using his gift of “unconditional love from Source” as the carrot that draws them.  I definitely judge that.  Ram Dass said a few words in the movie that were also not appreciative of the behaviors.

But human experiences bring people closer to what they are seeking, and often the experiences are hell.  The devotee struggled through the movie, because he had been using the reflection of God that is so easily passed by a guru (or priest, or fiance), to be in love with himself, with the Source within himself.  But that is still using human interaction.  

Eventually the evolved person will be able to turn inward and see their own connection or even universal part of the God being.  People use the word “enlightenment”.  An enlightened person is still a human!  As we look at Krishna Dass, even his human moments are teaching others and leading them to separate from him and find the connection inside. 

I would rather look at Mother Therese, Amma the hugging saint, or other enlightened beings that show a lot less human qualities. Some people are just merged with the Eternal and less connected to human form.  Some even come in that way, from birth, and never leave their awareness state.  

We all have roles to play, and every role is perfect.  So even though I have human judgment for the Krishna Dass game plan, I also see that he is bringing every person he interacts with closer to knowing the true Self.  He uses heaven and hell to get people there.  And his abhorrent human behaviors are exactly what some people need to push them over the edge.  Ironic.